Top 15 ways to plan a perfect budget-friendly Kerala Wedding

Top 15 ways to plan a perfect budget-friendly Kerala Wedding

In this article, we will delve into top 15 ways to plan a perfect budget-friendly Kerala Wedding.

Indian weddings are a multi-million dollar industry with an estimated 10 million weddings happening every year. The wedding card business sees Rs.80-100 billion yearly given the way that hundreds, if not thousands of cards are printed for each wedding.

Did you know that the Indian wedding industry is assessed to be worth around EUR 34.5 billion and is growing at a mind boggling pace of 20-25% every year? Truth be told, the wedding cost in metro cities are estimated between Rs.25 lakhs to 70 lakhs while online matrimonial websites bring in Rs.200-250 crores via registration fees and match-making fees every year.

If you are planning a middle-class budget wedding in Kerala or anywhere in India, it will still cost you a few lakhs. However, you can still have a remarkable wedding while being economically wise.

Here are few of the top 15 ways to plan a perfect budget-friendly Kerala Wedding.

Indian marriages are the growing industry seeing more than EUR 34.5 billion annually.

1.     Make a draft of your financial situation in detail

Plan ahead by kickstarting a draft of all wedding expenses for your Kerala Marriage.

Drafting is a primary step as it helps you plan and prepare so when the time for final execution arrives you are all set. When you look closely over each and every factors, you will realize you can not only have the perfect wedding as you planned but also at a decent spending plan.

Finance is the main concern for any occasion – be it party, wedding or an event. To have a fruitful wedding, you ought to have a good back up of helpful assets and funds. When you are discussing your budget details, rule out any contributors of your wedding whether they are relatives or any other family members.

If you are contributing partially to your wedding, bear in mind that post-wedding expenses are also waiting for you. Hence, utilize your money efficiently without being prodigal.

2.     Decide the wedding venue

It is advisable to choose a venue that is close to your home. This will save you a great deal on your expense on hiring rental cars or buses. Make sure to choose a location months before setting your wedding date.

During a marriage season, vendors, resorts or banquet hall can try to hog your finance. Therefore, make sure to select a location well in advance. If you are looking for a location on a budget, there are many destination weddings in Kerala that are available at an affordable price.

3.     Less Flowers

Flowers undoubtedly play a vital role in Indian weddings. Be that as it may, using them wisely can keep you in budget. We understand that weddings are not complete without the flowers but we do suggest you to curb the extravagant. Use the flowers only on areas where necessary.

4.     Make off-season purchase

Buy your Lehenga Choli or Kerala Wedding Saree off-season to save more!!!

To site an example, a typical Kerala wedding is conducted in Chingam Masam (August-September) which are considered auspicious months of the year to get married. The prices for wedding dress, jewellery and such are at its peak and can burn a hole in your wallet.

If you are into cutting costs, buy your wedding dress in an off-season. What more, you might even get lucky enough to get your attire at huge discounts. This is an incredible technique to buy your dresses from your preferred brands who otherwise come with an expensive price tag.

There are not just nearby stores but online shopping sites as well that offer good bridal collections. Compare the price and get the one you love.

5.     Rock the wedding by being your own DJ

Preparing for your Kerala Wedding in a budget keeps you prudent of your investment.

Why hire a DJ when you can be one yourself? Ask a friend to become a DJ and play your favorite playlist. You can also ask your friends and family for wedding songs, romantic songs and rock your wedding on your own.

6.     Hire/Consult a Wedding Planner

If you are totally confused about what to buy and what to avoid, a wedding organizer who knows how to cut costs are best recommended. Wedding planners are well aware of the cost, know how to arrange and can customize the wedding as per your needs.

A wedding planner can help you organize the wedding while staying in the budget limit.

Many think that a wedding coordinator can mess up your budget. This is absolutely untrue. A wedding planner can channelize your funds in necessary resources without going extravagant without getting devoid of any significant piece.

7.     Cut down on Décor

Whether you want to have a big fat Indian wedding or you want to keep things minimal all comes down to you. Planning a wedding in budget in India does not mean you have to keep everything simple. Use your creativity by underplaying certain décor.

Curb on the decor by choosing stunning banquet halls that come with attractive backgrounds.

For example, a banquet hall will definitely have an alluring background. This means you can save a lot on the decoration. Similarly, tiny details such as table arrangements, table-top pieces, Mandap or pedestal décor, and even entry decoration can make a good difference to your budget.

Healthy tip: Indian wedding décor can be costly. Decorative items such as candle votives, candelabras or mason jars are available at affordable price and is better than hiring. A great initiative for do-it-yourself wedding inspiration, you can narrow down your wedding décor likes and dislikes. Just make sure not to go overboard with DIY. Keep in mind that less is more as per your style and taste.

8.     Be practical with your guest list

If you are running tight on reserves, make sure to keep your guest list to minimum. Think… do you really need 500 guests or 100 guests? Who are your priority guests?

Create a rundown of those guests who are essential for you to call. Stating the obvious, this will include your cousins, relatives and really close friends.

9.     Plan ahead of the D-day

Always book your wedding venue, caterers, photographers and decorators in advance as unplanned wedding season booking can create chaos and add up to the budget. You will see a rise in budget if you book a caterer or decorator last minute.

Moreover, if you wedding venue or vendors are unavailable, you may need to outsource from another place. This will include their travel charges that might pile up your spending limit. Hence, making reservations in advance will curtail your budget effectively.

10.     Get hitched on a weekday

Set a wedding date on a weekday to save on wedding venues.

Did you know that some wedding venues charge more for weekend wedding? Of course, wedding season also makes a difference. Summer is the ultimate wedding season with Spring closing in on second.

11.     Save on catering

We Indians love food and are emotionally attached to it. A satiating appetite calms the mind and soul. In fact, wedding food is a delicate subject in Indian weddings. Many people don’t know where to begin. What is Indian wedding without our delectable curries?

Consult your caterer or venue coordinator and go for the basic food package. For example, Kerala Kalyana Sadhya includes numerous packages that will be helpful if you are on a budget. Choose the basic package and once you know the numbers, you can even add a few items at your discretion.

12.     Wedding invitations

While we respect wedding stationery innovative heads who spend hours crafting gorgeous invitations, multiple events (such as different wedding and reception venues) in Indian wedding indicates loads of information to print on invitation covers.

In this digital world, why not create a wedding website? There are many sites such as or that offer free resources to get you started in creating your own wedding invitation website.

Collect the email address of your guests and simply send your guests a link to the website. If it sounds like hard work, you can always ask your bestie to help you out.

13.     Bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery are a crucial investment in Indian weddings. Choose wisely.

Buying a gold, platinum or diamond ornament is a practical and vigilant task. They are the costliest investment for any wedding. This is certainly a section where brides-to-be will be spending the most. Be inventive and bring out a distinctiveness in your style.

If you are a Kerala bride to be, then you will know well that Kerala weddings are incomplete without gold ornaments. However, while you can keep the main wedding jewels such as Kerala Traditional Bridal Necklaces, bangles real (in gold), you can pair them up with artificial jewellery that are available in lower cost. For instance, you can find many artificial Kundan Jewellery, Tiaras, Waistbands, Nettipattam (Maang Tikka), etc. available online or at exclusive boutiques at an affordable price. If at all you want to go for the “real” deal, there are jewellery stores that offer them for rent at a minimal cost.

14.     Save on photography and videography

There are many professional photographers who will work for you but will not nudge a bit from their packages. Inquire if they have an associate photographer. Instead of two photographers, opt for one. Another way for a budget-friendly Kerala Wedding.

15.     Plan your Honeymoon

Plan a honeymoon with exclusive destinations in Kerala that are available on budget without compromising on quality.

Honeymoon is a time when you will get to know your partner more and tend to bond more. Planning your honeymoon will make you understand about each other’s taste and preference. Even small and elite locations could be stunning when you have your life partner around. Consult your partner and choose a place that you will both appreciate.

There are many destination honeymoon areas in Kerala where serenity meets the soul. Discover such destinations in our India to relish your honeymoon.


You know your budget, your needs and wants. Try and save on costs where you can.

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