Top 5 Best Destination Wedding Ideas in Kerala

Top 5 Best Destination Wedding Ideas in Kerala

Be it North India or South India, Kerala is one of the best places for couples to get married. And why not? This god’s own country offers serene grasslands, stunning backwaters and gorgeous beaches that offers you the perfect place to get married. We give you Top 5 Best Destination Wedding Ideas in Kerala that gives you the perfect backdrop on your D-day.

What is the best time to have your destination wedding in Kerala?

The best time to have your Kerala destination wedding is between October and March as the climate is pleasant making it apt for any outdoor day or evening ceremonies.

Best 5 Gorgeous Destination Wedding Ideas in Kerala

1.     Houseboat wedding

Houseboat wedding

Is there anything more relaxing and dreamy than a houseboat? One of the best wedding concepts is getting married on a houseboat. Set in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala and far from the noisy and fast-paced city lives, a houseboat becomes the perfect place to get married. Book a special wedding houseboat that features large floors that can accommodate your close friends and invites. A unique experience that is to be cherished forever not just by you both but also your friends and family, Houseboat wedding idea is one of the top best that has been favoured by many couples. There are many resorts in Alleppey that are located on the lines of Vembanad Lake that deliver a stunning venue for lakeside or a houseboat wedding.

2.     Beach Wedding

Everyone dreams of a beach wedding that puts you in a romantic and tranquil mood. The sound of soothing waves and an open sky feels nothing short of a dream. If you are looking for a place to fulfil your beach destination wedding, then we give you Kerala. Pristine beaches at Kovalam, Shanghumukham, and Varkala are few of the flawless choices for your destination wedding venues in Kerala for a beach wedding. After all, what better place than the Nature to take a vow of forever love till death do us part. Tie the knot in traditional Kerala style or choose English or Indian style weddings.

3.     Hill/Mountain Wedding

Profess your love from the Hilltop by picking a mountain/hill as the perfect wedding destination in Kerala. The lush greenery, clear skyline, and gorgeously carved Alps by the Mother Nature feel certainly like a dream. Places such as Ponmudi, Wayanad, Munnar, and Tusharagiri delivers an impeccable setting for your D-day. Taking your love to great heights, the slow murmur of waterfalls and breezy winds accentuate the romantic moments that will linger in your mind forever. Regardless of Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding or a Muslim Wedding, hills offer you the best natural theme of destination wedding making it memorable.

4.     Backwaters Wedding

Kerala Backwaters wedding destination

Visualize palm groves, seashores and gorgeous views that are infinite. Create a décor of this gorgeous place that makes a beautiful destination wedding place in Kerala. The backwaters are unpolluted and looks divine just as Mother Nature intended. Many resorts offer unique venue options. The wildlife, flora and lakes create beautiful scenery for the impeccable backwaters wedding in Kerala.

5.     Temple Wedding

For those who want to keep it intimate, simple and traditional, then Temple wedding is the best. Temple wedding has captured many hearts, especially foreigners. Nothing beats the aura and the architecture of a temple making it the most preferred setting for a wedding among many Indians.

The Guruvayur Temple is considered one of the most auspicious place in Kerala to engage in traditional ceremonies and tie the knot. Other temples such as Mookambika, Thirvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple, and Sree Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathi Temple are few of the places for best temple weddings in Kerala.

Tips while you plan your Destination Wedding Ideas in Kerala

  1. Check the weather and venue availability before you finalize the dates for the wedding day and other ceremonies.
  2. Make sure you have a proper guest list beforehand so that you can arrange their stay, size of the venue, etc. before booking.
  3. Once you have finalized the dates, check the location, theme, venue, and always book and block the dates in advance.
  4. Keep in mind to check the connectivity between the venue and the nearest airport or railway station.
  5. A destination wedding planner will make things easier for you which is better than you handling all the arrangements.
  6. Destination wedding ideas in Kerala might be a bit expensive but it’s just not any other day. It’s your wedding. But while you be extravagant, make sure it is well-spent.

A wedding happens once in a lifetime. So make sure you choose the best destination for your wedding in Kerala and bear in mind the above tips for your fairytale wedding.

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