Significance of Haldi Function in Indian Wedding with Amazing Décor I

Significance of Haldi Function in Indian Wedding with Amazing Décor I

Check out the significance of Haldi Function in Indian wedding with Amazing Decor Ideas to make your Haldi function an unforgettable experience.

A vibrant and fun element of any wedding, the Haldi ritual is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in India. Turmeric (Haldi) is mixed with oil and water and is applied to both the bride and the groom by close friends and family on the morning of the wedding. It is believed that this mixture sanctifies the couple before the wedding. Plus, the skin-benefiting properties of this blend will give the skin a fair and radiant look. Haldi is also considered auspicious in many Indian communities as it signifies protection from evil eyes.

Combining the auspiciousness of Turmeric and the prosperity of its color, the couple begins to share their new life. Yellow being a positive shade is the reason why the bride and groom wear yellow clothes on their wedding day or at Haldi function. This turmeric mixture is also known as Ubtan, Mandha and Tel Baan.

Some people mix turmeric with other ingredients such as milk, rose water, curd, sandalwood powder and other herbs. It not only nourishes your skin but also adds a natural glow to your face and body. A close occasion, friends and family apply (rather smear) the bride and groom with Haldi. It is also said that if the couple applies this paste to any unmarried friends or relatives, they will also find a life partner soon.

In the traditional Punjabi wedding, the Haldi ceremony is combined with the Chura ceremony while in the Marathi wedding, Haldi-Kumkum has its significant role. Similarly, Gaye Holud at the Bengali wedding and Nalugu at Telugu wedding gives optimum importance to Haldi ceremony.

Haldi ceremony is also known to purify and cleanse the body. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents fight any breakouts or inflammation before the wedding. An excellent exfoliating agent, it removes dead skin cells and detoxifies the skin efficiently.

An excellent antioxidant and antidepressant agent, turmeric helps in fighting stress and keeping pre-wedding jitters at bay.

Haldi function is one of the prominent rituals in Indian marriages.

Haldi function Trending in Kerala too…!!!

Mehendi ceremony, though familiar to Malabar regions was not popular till now in South and Mid-Kerala. Similarly, Haldi function was not in trend a decade ago. With evolving times, many Traditional Kerala weddings are now incorporating the Haldi ceremony. Haldi function is called “Manjal Kalyanam” in Malayalam – “Manjal” means turmeric and “Kalyanam” means marriage.

Now that you know the significance of Haldi function, here are a few things you should keep in mind while planning your Haldi ceremony.
  1. Keep a tab on the guestlist – Make sure to have fun and don’t mind getting dirty as this is a fun-filled day for you and your partner.
  2. Choosing a venue – An outdoor is an ideal place to have fun. Remember “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”, where an elaborate Mandap is set up for the Haldi and Mehndi ceremony?
  3. Pick your décor, props and color code – While Yellow is the best for Haldi function, photography and the given celebratory mood, you can also pick from other bright hues – pink, red, green or go with combination colors keeping Yellow as the main shade.
  4. Haldi Playlist – Groove yourself with Bollywood Haldi Ceremony and wedding songs that will enhance the vibe of the function.
  5. Haldi Menu – Food creates a mood. Have crunchy and munchy snacks in Haldi ceremony giving your guests a chance to taste something amazing.

The benefits of Haldi range from skincare to mind care.

Remember to Respect the Tradition

The significance of Haldi function in Indian wedding goes beyond the celebration. It’s also about respecting the elders and thanking them for blessing you with all the current and future good things in life. While you are having fun with your friends, don’t forget the elders as it may leave them feeling neglected. Here is how you can balance both.
  • Assign responsibilities to your elders especially when it comes to traditional ceremonies as they know best.
  • Make sure to plan the first half of the Haldi event for the ceremonies and rest of the day for dance, fun and music.
  • Consult with your makeup professional on how much makeup is required for Haldi ceremony and whether it is included in the wedding makeup package.

Try different decor ideas to brighten up your Haldi ceremony.

Haldi Function Décor Ideas

  1. Do it together – Why not celebrate the Haldi function together since you are going to spend the rest of your lives anyway? Bride and Groom can invite their friends and family together for this Mucho Grande fun-filled event. Plus, it saves you good if you are trying to make budget cuts.
  2. Haldi and Roses Petals – Mix Haldi with aromatic rose petals that invigorates your mood and body efficiently. Buy rose petals from the market and keep it under the sun for some days. Mix it in a grinder. Your rose powder is ready to be mixed with turmeric.
  3. Colorful Traditional Wear – Go Bohemian and indulge in colorful dresses that work well with Yellow and make you look more photogenic. Make sure to use the right combination that doesn’t make you look awkward.
  4. Venue Décor – Decorate your venue with colorful Earthen pots, kites, balloons etc. that will heighten the Haldi function.
  5. Flower Petals Holi – If you are not comfortable getting smeared with colors, choose petals of various flowers such as Roses, Lily and indulge in floral Holi that will be a Fun-Filled Fragrant Function. ;)
  6. Haldi Bath – Rather than simply applying Haldi on your friend’s face and hands, give them a good shower. Mix Turmeric in water and pour it over them. Drown them in Haldi and make it an extraordinary event which she/he will tell her to their kids.
Haldi function decor ideas are a great way to entertain family and friends and have a whole load of fun.

The significance of the Haldi ceremony is predominant in an Indian wedding. Just like any other ceremonies, the function is showered with love, laughter and mirth that makes it a memorable experience.

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