7 effective ways to handle pre-wedding jitters

7 effective ways to handle pre-wedding jitters

Feeling anxious as the wedding date is getting closer? Having butterflies in the stomach? Feeling nauseous? Does it feel you made a mistake by saying “Yes” or while proposing? If so, you are not the only one. Pre-wedding jitter is the mind telling that you need to calm down. Handle Pre-wedding jitters like a pro with these 7 effective ways that will help you fight the inner demons.

Pre-wedding jitters are normal. It is the subconscious mind telling you that something is not right and you need to listen to it. Regardless that you are having a typical Indian arranged marriage or love-cum-arranged marriage, feeling nervous is part of being a bride and groom. It may also be that you are nervous about your capability to be a husband or wife. You can also be feeling uneasy if your fiancée isn’t the one you need to be with or a combination of all.
Wedding preparations such as handling caterers, choosing the bridal jewellery sets, planning a wedding, organizing the venue etc. are few of the critical things. The pressure can be too much to handle and can cause stress. Stress is an underlying reason that is often overlooked. This doesn’t mean you need to call off the wedding.
Own the stress, calm your mind and handle pre-wedding jitters like a pro with these excellent, practical tips that are sure to keep you clear-headed and positive.

Signs of pre-wedding jitters – Tips to handle them

  1. Having trouble eating – When we are anxious, we lose our appetite. However, you must eat for strength and energy. Munch on protein foods such as peanuts or healthy snacks such as almonds, pistachios etc.
  2. Tossing and turning at night – Anxiety gives racing thoughts that will keep your mind restless. When the environment is silent and quiet, the symptoms worsen making you feel more agitated than before. Listen to calming music or meditation apps that will soothe your mind to sleep. You can also try doing some deep breathing exercises in bed that relaxes the muscles in the body.
  3. Feeling out of focusPlanning a budget-friendly wedding is no joke and when there are tons of things doing rounds in the mind, one tends to lose focus on the task at hand. If you can relate to this point, try to focus on one job for short bursts of time. You can also set a timer and prepare yourself that you will not suave from the work till it is completed. If at all, any distracting thoughts occur, write them down and think once the current task is done.
  4. Being Clumsy – Having trouble concentrating can cause clumsiness. Practice being in the moment and walk yourself through anything that you are trying to do. Shoo away any distracting thoughts.
  5. Being irritative or short-tempered – Anxiety can cause irritative behaviour. Before you say or do something you might regret, take 1-2 deep breaths. Try to speak slowly as this will calm the brain and mind before reacting instantly. It will also calm the muscles and the body.
  6. Feeling on edge – Do some deep breathing exercises. Practice meditation. Move your body with Yoga, walking, or any exercise that will release endorphins and make you feel good and relaxed.
  7. Obsession with the wedding details – Choose a good place where you can be relaxed. Make a checklist which you can go through which your fiancée or any reliable support. Consult a friend to handle a task so that it is off your plate. Assign certain tasks such as sending WhatsApp Wedding Invitations to someone trustworthy so that it is off your shoulder.
 Handle pre-wedding jitters with absolute ease. Try these helpful tips to stay calm and relaxed.

Top foods that calming the pre-wedding jitters

  1. Chamomile tea – Chamomile tea or supplements are a must-have every night. Chamomile is an excellent bed-time soother. Research has it that Chamomile relieves anxiety and helps you sleep better. This is a blessing for a bride as you don’t want any dark circles that make you look like a raccoon on the big day.
  2. Have Cocoa – Eating dark chocolate or drinking hot chocolate will act as a mood relaxant. Dark chocolate reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) and makes you feel relaxed and calm.
  3. Go nuts with Walnuts – Rich in ALA (Alpha linoleic acid, walnut is also an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It not only enhances memory but also increases the good cholesterol in the body.
  4. Tangy Orange for zing – In stress, the level of Vitamin C goes down. Vitamin C-rich foods such as citrusy Orange boost the immune system and fight any stress. Consume oranges that are full of Vitamin C and as their citrusy fragrance uplifts the mind, the fruit boosts you from within.
  5. Go Green Tea – Switch regular tea with Green tea. It is rich in antioxidants that will help you lose weight and provide you with mental strength. It also relaxes your mind. Drink three cups of warm green tea daily.

Foods to avoid

Avoid fatty foods that convert into flab within a few hours. Stay away from sugar as though it makes you feel happy temporarily, it can cause a slump afterwards. Also, avoid foods that contain too much salt and MSG. They not only increase blood pressure but also cause water retention – both that can cause anxiety, stress, and mental pressure.

To sum it up,

Some of the best and memorable weddings are the ones that didn’t go exactly as planned. It is not a sign of a bad marriage; it’s just how life is – unpredictable. In a few years, you will be laughing it off and brushing it away. Enjoy your wedding day.

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