Top 10 Ideas for Bridal Make up in 2023

Top 10 Ideas for Bridal Make up in 2023

On a wedding day, a bride needs to look her best. This includes bridal makeup that fits the Kerala style, gold jewellery, and a beautiful hairstyle. In spite of this, many modern brides are aware of the importance of fashion and want to wear a traditional look with a modern twist. In addition, it is important to remember that simple attire is the key to a fresh look. This is why many brides opt for a trendy look for their wedding day makeup.
Kerala bride's eye makeup
Getting married in Kerala? Then you must include eye makeup for the ultimate bridal look. A light concealer should be applied to cover any imperfections and shimmery bronzes or brown eyeshadows can really add a bit of glitz. Waterproof kajal is essential to give your eyes some definition, followed by two generous coats of curling mascara to achieve that dramatic effect. For the lips, peachy-pink hues will bring out the best in your overall presentation. And finally, don't forget thathuge red bindi which provides an instant radiance - a must have finishing touch!
Adding depth to Kerala bridal makeup requires a brown coloured pencil to line the eyebrows. To add depth, use an eye shadow brush to blend the eye shadow. Make sure you mix your eyeshadow carefully, as overfilling your eyebrows can ruin your look. Next, apply neutral eye shades, blending them well in the inner corner of your eye and moving outward.
Having a perfect Kerala bridal makeup look requires complementing your outfit. Since most weddings in the state have a daytime setting, the makeup must be suited for that. Cleanse your face and use a toner suitable for your skin tone to start off with. Moisturizing and hydrating your skin afterwards will help maintain the foundation you've already set. Eye primer should come into play before you apply eye makeup, or if you wish, use loose powder or rosewater mixture to set it instead. If you have fair skin, incorporate a brown-coloured eye pencil to fill in eyebrows but avoid overdoing it to retain the look's overall integrity.

2. Highlighter


It is easy to use highlighters to highlight your face. Here is an easy-to-follow makeup tip: 1. Apply a makeup primer to keep the makeup in place for hours. For a natural-looking arc, you should use brow gel and a brow comb. 3. Makeup can be finished with mascara.
You can add dimension to your face with the use of a highlighter. Use it on upper cheekbones and the center of the nose for a dreamy radiance. If you have a large nose, you may want to avoid using a highlighter down the middle and instead opt for subtle makeup ideas like applying darker lipstick to your lips. This way, you focus on highlighting your features without drawing much attention to your wedding makeup. Makeup artists and celebrities worldwide approve of this trend, which will be absolute must-have in 2022! Highlighters come in all textures, from cream to powder-based, so there is something for every type of skin tone. Embellish your look with strategic strokes around the chin, eyes, and even lips for that eye-catching allure.

Mehndi wedding makeup is an integral part of the Indian wedding ritual. In Kerala, it usually involves adorning the bride’s palms with intricate designs. Other aspects of bridal beauty are kept simple - for example, the bride wears a beautifully decorated sari and her eyes may be highlighted subtly with makeup. To create an alluring look on the big day, a bright and glowing base should be used, plus bold shades such as mauve to compliment the pastel pink wedding dress and jewels. Highlighting the eyes with thick eyeliner, lush lashes and high cheekbones in this way will ensure a stunning finished effect. Mehndi is more than just an aesthetic; it has strong cultural implications that many Indian women cherish immensely. Furthermore, anyone wanting to make their mehndi experience even more special can take advantage of various hair styling and HD/airbrush makeup services offered by expert makeup artists in Kerala.

4. Metallic
Metallic makeup is a classic, timeless look for Kerala weddings that work in tandem with Indian embroidered length. Fair-skinned brides can benefit from pairing gold shades and bronze eye shadow. Bronze also helps to highlight gold jewellery. Blush and highlighter complete the look when paired with bronze and gold colours. For a showstopping effect, brides could add fluttering lashes. 
Metallic eye shadows make eyes pop when combined with dramatic winged liner. They have a lustrous quality that pairs beautifully with temple jewellery, creating an alluring, diva-like feel. Metallic eye shadows provide brides wanting to stand out an opportunity to do so while still looking like they belong in the movies!

5. Soft smoky eye-do

For a glamorous, beautiful look on your wedding day, opt for a soft smoky eye-do. This modern trend in bridal makeup combines traditional elements with contemporary styling to create a breathtaking effect. Eyeliner and mascara should be used as well as a colour that complements the eyeshadow. The finishing touches such as lipstick and blush should blend with the eye makeup. Temple jewellery and garlands of Jasmine flowers can be added to complete the look.
The smoky eye-do is ideal for an adventurous bride who isn't afraid to experiment with makeup. Smokey eyeshadow is a great way to combine tradition with modernity. The look features dark matte brown eyeshadow, thick kohl-rimmed eyes, and contoured cheeks. It is important to match the eye makeup with the blush and lip colour.
A smokey eye enhances your almond eye shape and adds a natural radiance to your skin. A long lash line looks beautiful with this look. The eyeshadow is enhanced with a touch of glitter on the lids.
Kerala wedding/bridal makeup is all about the soft smoky eye-do - it truly complements all skin tones and can easily be paired with a range of lippies. For a classic look, opt for a subtle blush and a soft, contrasting lip color. To complete the traditional look, adorn the bride with temple jewelry and fresh flowers such as vibrant jasmine garlands that are in harmony with her hairstyle.

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