10 ways to make your big Kerala Wedding feel Intimate

10 ways to make your big Kerala Wedding feel Intimate

Is the guest list rising? Fret not. We give you amazing ways to make your big Kerala Wedding feel intimate and personal for everyone so they don’t feel neglected.

Indian weddings are known for the grandeur gathering of friends and family who make the marriage of two souls a dreamy and magnificent affair. We presume you would have sent wedding invitations including WhatsApp wedding invitations that will add an extra personal touch to your invitees. Whether you are throwing a budget-friendly wedding or a big fat Indian wedding, make sure to feel everyone welcome. 

Here are some ways to make your guests feel comfortable and ensure they are part of your special moments.

1. Host a pre-wedding party

Host a pre-wedding party for your friends and family.

Nowadays, people have two receptions – one small and one large to expand the intimacy of their wedding. Engagement Party, Wedding showers, etc. are few of the pre-wedding moments where everyone can mix and mingle making your grand wedding feel at ease.

2. Sit close by your invitees

Place your seat close to the guests and engage in conversation to make them comfortable.

Make seating arrangements such that your head table is near the invitees in the middle of the ballroom instead of the stage. Make this change at your reception and other events as it can significantly increase the emotional closeness you feel with your guests.

3. Lighting and Ambience

The proper lighting sets the perfect mood at your wedding.

The perfect lighting and ambience can work in your advantage! For example, warmer lighting such as chandeliers and small bulbs scattered throughout the space can create a much homelier, dreamy ambience for your events.

4. Skip the Round Reception Tables

Rather than having more small tables, opt for long tables and make seating arrangements. These longer, extended tables create a sense of being at a family get together or dinner party making your invitees feel part of your wedding.

5. Use Low Centerpieces

Low centerpieces help invitees to converse easily.

Using big, long centerpieces can block friends and family from seeing each other across the table. Give your guests more space to socialize with you and with each other. Use smaller table centerpieces into your reception.

6. Welcome Your Invitees

Make a genuine effort to welcome and greet your invitees seated at your reception. Other simple acts such as making eye contact and smiling in paused moments of your ceremony can make a huge impact on your guests and make your wedding an endearing experience.

7. Create Side Spaces

Utilize the lounge space of your wedding/reception venue to create small theme gatherings, such as entertainment or unwinding corner. This allows your invitees to mix, away from the clamour thus enhancing the quality of their experience.

8. Have a Food Station at your wedding

Food stations are a great way to encourage guests to mix and mingle with one another.

Another good reason to make your Kerala wedding more personal and encouraging your invitees and yourself to mingle together. Food stations are a great option as your guests may spend more time mingling and enjoying themselves. Food stations is a concept best described as a group of mini-buffets placed throughout the reception area. This also gives them a chance to stand up and browse throughout their meal, heightening their sense of freedom, rather than staying put at a designated table.

9. Hit the Dance Floor with Your Guests

Have fun by encouraging your guests to dance along with you.

Enjoy with your Friends, Family and Guests! Party with them. Pull everybody into the dance floor, put your arms around your buddies, and make time to take a wedding day selfie with your loved ones. Bring on all the aunties and uncles and let them relish the enjoyable moments with you.

10. Have an Interactive Wedding

Interactive wedding makes the guests feel more welcome and shows that you genuinely want their presence.
Begin your guests’ day-off by using a creative guest book they can hardly wait to sign! Set up a festive photo booth where everyone can take funny selfie pictures together using fun props.

You can even have fun interactive games as an entire group at your reception. Put the instructions and objects required on each table.


Kerala weddings are where myriad cultures and religions come together to celebrate and bless the lovely newlywed couple. As a couple, you can use these ways to make your guests happy, welcome and be part of your joyous occasion.

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