What You Need To Know About Ezhava Weddings|kerala marriage

What You Need To Know About Ezhava Weddings|kerala marriage

India is a country with a wealth of different traditions, and what better way to experience them all than at a wedding ceremony! The Ezhava community of God's Own Country - Kerala, in particular, has managed to preserve its unique customs and ceremonies. Despite the waves of modernization that have swept the world, they have succeeded in creating their own special world. Here's an insight into what you should expect from an Ezhava Wedding - an event that is steeped in beautiful etiquette and rituals that truly represent the community's identity.

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Before the wedding rituals begin, remember the Almighty

To begin an Ezhava Wedding, God is remembered and his blessings are asked for. Fresh flowers are offered to Lord Ganesha in an elaborate style. His grace is invoked with both families hoping to ward off misfortune while joy and good fortune flow into the lives of the couple. This ritual must be taken seriously, as such blessings will help to prevent any negative possibilities from arriving at their door.

Play a good host to all guests

In Ezhava, weddings have to be grand affairs. Family and friends should be invited in large numbers, and the wedding should be massive and spectacular. Additionally, the bride and groom should pay great attention to the guests and should treat them with great courtesy. In the Ezhava community, people strictly believe that the grandeur of a wedding reflects a lot, and so, this is something that should not be missed.

Presenting gifts to the bride and groom

In a Kerala matrimony, it is important that the Bride and Groom, along with both their families, are loaded with gifts. This ritual forms part of the Nischayam ceremony. While this might seem like a simple task, it requires planning ahead and matching gifts to the interests of all the members involved. If one does not take this ceremony seriously, it is considered unlucky and a little less humble. You have to pay close attention so that your presents have an impact on either party.

Ceremony of Engagement

A wedding ritual that is important to both the bride's and groom's families. The elders of the bride's and grooms families offer gifts as a form of homage. This is a primary component of the wedding. Therefore, every engagement ceremony is performed by members of the Ezhava community in a Kerala marriage.

The Kashi Yatra
Right after the Bride and Groom are announced as 'Man and Wife', they should seek blessings from elders on both sides. This is considered lucky and should not be forgotten.

It is an unsaid rule that respect and a sense of belonging to the community should be an essential component in Ezhava weddings. Due to these strict customs, individuals from this community prefer partners belonging to the same community. By doing this, they are more likely to find like-minded friends while restoring community values.

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