5 Tips for Brides who want to hide their belly fat on their wedding

5 Tips for Brides who want to hide their belly fat on their wedding

In this guide, we will give you 5 Tips for Brides who want to hide their belly fat on their wedding.

Getting married is the most heavenly feeling in every woman’s life. Each woman wants to look chic and divine on her wedding day. While most of the women start working out and dieting months to lose that chubby fat, the belly fat can be stubborn and won’t budge. If you are dealing with such a situation, here are quick tips to help you handle the belly like a pro.

1.     Wear an Elastic Shapewear

Flaunt your figure by wearing elastic shapewear. It not only gives an impression of having a flat belly but also gives you an overall slimmer look.

Wear a shapewear that accentuates your figure effectively.

2.     Selecting the Right Wedding Outfit

Choose your wedding outfit in such a way that it camouflages any drawbacks in your body such as your flabs. Opt for a belly-concealing blouse instead of cholis. You can also drape your dupatta around to hide your tummy. Make sure to choose a thick dupatta and not a transparent one. Also, make sure that your lehenga is wide-bottomed as it will create an illusion of a thinner waistline.

The right wedding outfit can make you look tall and slim.

3.     Picking the right Accessories

As a general rule of thumb, if you tend to be on the heavier side, avoid heavy embroideries as it will make you look fatter than you are. Also, choose monochrome lehengas. While accessories are the best way to augment your look, don’t clutter your look. Keep it subtle.

4.     Shift the focus Away from Your Belly

Highlight your best features. Use lovely makeup, a beautiful necklace or a hairstyle that shifts the focus away from your waistline. If you have toned arms, sport them with a beautiful sleeved choli.

Saree aptly covers your body and hides any imperfections.

5.     Saree can be a savior

Be it traditional Kerala Wedding or Bengali Wedding or Andhra Wedding, sarees can make you look aesthetic and heavenly at your wedding day. They aptly hide your flabs as well while providing a brilliant illusion of enhancing your height. Bear in mind not to go for heavy embroideries. Choose subtle monochrome sarees for a rich bridal look.

Thus, ends the 5 Tips for Brides who want to hide their belly fat on their wedding. Did we leave something out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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