12 Tips to create a good matrimony profile online

12 Tips to create a good matrimony profile online

Wondering how to write a good matrimony profile online? Don’t fret. We give you 12 Tips to create a good matrimony profile.
Matrimonial websites in India have become quite popular for over a decade now with many people looking for their suitable partner online. The process is quite easy. Simply register to start with, write down your likes/dislikes, and search profiles that match your requirements. You can converse with a prospect and get to know each other. If things work right, then you both have found your perfect match.

The best part of using matrimony sites is they are user-friendly and can be used by both you and your parents/elders in the family. You will also find numerous features that attract people to comfortably put their profiles. All the matrimonial websites are safe and secured. You will also find privacy options that hide your photo and other details and can only be accessed only when the parties are genuinely interested.
Matrimony sites in India are a huge hit because they have not let this platform turn into a dating site. People who register in matrimonial sites are serious about finding their life partner. This is another reason why matrimonial sites have gained credibility as they support the sanctity of marriage.
If you are planning to create a good matrimony profile, then you need to make sure how your profile looks to others and how it enhances in finding the right match. Make sure to fulfil all the requirements when it comes to writing about your partner preferences. Here are 12 tips on how to create a good matrimony profile on any marriage website in India.

1.     Be honest with yourself

The key to a happy marriage is honesty. The first step to building a powerful matrimonial profile is that you need to provide correct and complete information. Always be honest when you are giving information about yourself. While wrong information may get you expression of interest as you desired, but ultimately, it might not end up as wished. It is the authenticity of information that will help you find your match.

2.     Profile Pictures

Pictures are the most crucial part of creating a matrimonial profile online. Photos create an impression that attracts prospects. Make sure to upload as many pictures as possible in various scenarios as it will help the opposite person know more about your personality and how you look. Make sure to upload naturally clicked pictures. Do not upload group pictures and make sure the background is right. Many people choose home or office as a background setting as it instils a trust factor with the opposite person.

3.     Detailed profile

The bigger the profile, higher the chances of finding the right partner. If you are in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., you can link it to the matrimony site as it amounts to authenticity. It also assists the opposite person to go through your social media profiles to know you better.

Create a good matrimonial profile with these helpful tips online.

4.     Don’t be self-centric

While a matrimonial profile is all about you, it’s better that you don’t be too specific about it. For instance, if you are creating a Kerala matrimonial profile, don’t get too detailed about the cultural aspects regardless that you are searching for a Kerala bride or groom. Be flexible so that the prospective partner can initiate an interaction. As a matrimonial site is on a global platform, there is scope for interaction with other people as it helps you personally to make an informed choice.

5.     Information about your family

Unlike a dating site where personal matters don’t matter much, the matrimonial site is a much higher pedestal and must include information about your family. While creating a matrimonial profile, make sure to mention information about your family – the total number of members, their job background etc. This helps the person viewing your profile know more about the status and background that you belong to. It also forms a crucial element in knowing your personality.

6.     Error-free profile

There is no scope for errors when you are creating a matrimony profile online. It includes that all the information is true and correct. This is because things can go haywire if the prospect finds out the false information during a personal meet. Errors also include being grammatically correct in every which way. Poor English or grammatical errors can also create a poor impression of your profile.

7.     Partner Preferences

You can see that a matrimonial profile contains two section – personal information and partner preferences. While you are writing down personal information, make sure, to be honest about yourself and don’t try to exaggerate. On the partner preferences, make sure not to become unreasonable and putting high expectation. Balance is the key. Be sensible and subtle enough with the words.

8.     Review your Profile

Once you have created a profile, have someone close to you (family or friends) review it for you. A third-party perspective always matters as they can see any changes or edits that need to be done. They can also give you any inputs or positive attributes that can enhance your profile outlook.

9.     Research and Read

Before you write a good matrimony profile, research well about how the website works. Check out its features, membership plans, privacy, etc. You can also read many profiles and learn how they have created their profile. This will give you an overall idea of how you can present yourself at a matrimonial site.
That said, do not copy the same information of a profile to yours as there is always someone with an eagle eye to point out the blunder. While you pick up suggestions for yourself, always bear in mind, to be honest and creative.

10.     Stay Positive

The key while using Indian matrimonial sites is to keep up the faith and believe that someone is made for you and when the timing is right, things will fall in place. So don’t lose any hope if there are currently no matches or any delay in responses. There will be times when your interest rejects your request or you won’t find anyone compatible with your thoughts. Be patient and hopeful as things will work out sooner or later and you will find the one made for you.

11.     Check Regularly

Make sure that you find time to check the site at least once a day or thrice a week. It helps in knowing how many views your profile has. The keener you are on browsing, the faster you may reach your goal in getting the desired profile.

12.     Choosing the best site

Choose a trusted site. For instance, if you are a Kerala Muslim guy or Kerala Hindu Guy, you will find more proposals at a regional site such as keralamarriage.com. This, however, is not region-specific and people all around India can register at Kerala Marriage Free.

Quick Check

  • Don’t be in a hurry to create a good matrimony profile as in the process you may end up making grammatical errors.
  • Do not lie or mislead people.
  • Do not write about your past or negative incidents.
  • Avoid writing too much about your family.
  • If your job or education does not permit you to relocate after marriage, mention such things in BOLD letters.
  • If your requirements are a specific age group, religion or hobbies (such as drinking, smoking, and diet), again, make sure to specify them in BOLD letters.
  • Be precise with your replies and answer any queries to the best of your time and ability.


To create a good matrimony profile is a fantastic way to increase the chances of getting the desired life partner. Follow the steps as mentioned above. We wish you all the best.

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