10 simple ways to honeymoon on a budget in India

10 simple ways to honeymoon on a budget in India

You don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy your honeymoon. By smart cost cuts, you can have a traditional honeymoon. Here are 10 simple ways to honeymoon on a budget in India.

It is hard to think about planning a honeymoon simultaneously when you are preparing for your wedding. This includes figuring out how you are going to pay for it. But the secret to getting the most out of your honeymoon is to carefully plan your investments and doing your research. For instance, you can avoid paying full price almost the entire time by indulging in early booking discounts as opposed to peak times. Here are 10 ways to relish your honeymoon without sacrificing on love and romance of your first newlywed trip together.

1.     Set your priorities

First, figure out your honeymoon priorities. What are you excited about? Which aspects of the honeymoon are non-negotiable and what can you live without? If you love dreamy accommodations, then, consider staying somewhere local i.e. domestic. This way you can distribute your budget to enjoy luxury rooms and the spa instead of spending on international flights.

If you love exploring a faraway place, then drop your funds on expensive resorts (especially since you will barely be there). This way you can explore more places in the area and find more in your pocket thus experiencing more destination more.

2.     Discuss with a travel agent

For a one-stop and hassle-free travel planning in a budget, consult a travel agent. They know how to save your money on flights, hotels and will provide you with the best affordable honeymoon packages. Since travel agencies have become a competitive field, you will be able to find many best packages for your honeymoon that fit in your budget efficiently.

Always let the travel agent know your priorities and your budget limit so they can figure out exactly what to cut and keep from your schedule.

3.     Plan on the destination’s off-season

Choose a honeymoon location on an off-season date (i.e. the period before and after peak season). Stating the obvious, you will notice drastic price hike when it is peak season. The best part is off-season doesn’t always mean bad weather. It depends on the region you choose. So do a little bit of research and find your dream location.

4.     Make use of your credit/debit cards

Almost everyone today carries a credit or a debit card. Many banks offer exclusive discount honeymoon packages in India and International on debit/credit cards. It’s time to make use of the benefits offered by the banks. There are many offers such as free miles, discounts on five-star hotel stay, discounts on specific restaurants and so on.

Check out 10 ways to honeymoon on a budget in India

5.     Do not procrastinate

Many of us tend to procrastinate. While dealing with the stress of a wedding and its planning, we tend put off choosing a honeymoon location. Just as you book the wedding halls, caterers etc. in advance, make time to plan a honeymoon and book a location. Talk to your partner (unless you want to surprise them) and work together to find a location which you both prefer. Many travel agencies offer huge discounts when you book ahead. This means savings of more than 50 percent.

6.     Consider alternate travelling methods

Instead of flying through a major airline, consider taking a train, bus or car. If you love to drive, you can turn a long drive into a road-trip adventure. Plan some sightseeing places along the way. Once you are there, rely on public transportation instead of cabs or ride apps. Of course, you don’t have to take it all the time but replacing long and pricey cab rides with a bus ride will definitely save you.

7.     Consider different travel packages

When you sign up for a package (which may have a romance, honeymoon or spa theme), the package rates may also include tax, tips and airport transfers, etc. that will save you a lot.

8.     Take a Minimoon now and a Honeymoon later

It’s okay if you are simply not in a good place to afford a honeymoon you always wanted. Instead of blowing the rest of your savings on a huge trip now, take a small getaway after your wedding. Save up more and take your partner for a luxurious vacation on your first anniversary.

9.     Redeem your card points

Another advantage of having a debit or credit card is that banks offer power points. Redeem these card points for different benefits. Some cards offer exclusive offers to their special or elite clients such as a one-day free stay in a five-star hotel and so on. Using such benefits will certainly help you to cut cost on a luxurious hotel stay.

10.     Ask for a discount

Many hotels and resorts offer discounts when you tell them you want to book a room for your honeymoon. Don’t be shy about playing the Honeymoon card. At the least, you may get a better table or a free bottle of champagne. At best, especially during the off-season, you may even get a room upgrade or complimentary meals.

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