Why online matrimonial websites in India are still relevant?

Why online matrimonial websites in India are still relevant?

Over the years, Matrimonial websites in India have evolved. With only a simple click, Indians can connect anywhere, anytime and still belong to the traditional beliefs. Many online matrimonial websites focus on keeping the conservative parents happy by endorsing the belief that the responsibility of finding a life partner for your child still rests with elders.

Online matrimony offers the user-friendly interfaces that both the youth and the parents find it easy to use. Be it preferential searches or starting a conversation, a gamut of choices is accessible with a basic mouse click. This ideal mix of Indian traditional systems and present-day technology has made it possible for many potential partners to come across each other across the globe and find themselves their desired soul mate.

matrimonial websites in India

However, with the rise in incomes and wider exposure to global trends, romantic relationships are undergoing a colossal change in urban India. With social networking and dating apps like Tinder, Woo, and OkCupid, the young and tech-savvy are taking a bold approach to their love lives.

Many matrimonial websites in India are keeping a tab of this point and have begun their movement to encourage women to make the first move. For instance, one of India’s largest matrimonial website consulted the stand-up comedian Neeti Palta for an online campaign titled “Ladies First.” While it supports women to take the initiative, it additionally helps in breaking age-old custom when it comes to dating.

Changing the Conventional methods

Long before the internet got involved, matchmaking in India relief on informal methods such as word-of-mouth recommendations, references from priests, ministers, and marriage bureaus or the newspaper classifieds.

It wasn’t until the late 1990s that online matrimonial websites such as shaadi.com and jeevansathi.com were introduced that encouraged us to look beyond references and go global. This marked the slow beginning of a cultural shift.

With India’s youth hooked to the smartphone and its applications, many dating apps such as Tinder are making happy business.

That said, a few things still haven’t changed. Despite everything, we still live in a conservative society where arranged marriages continue to be the norm. “While time and trends are changing, we are extremely distant from the structure where we can acknowledge dating very openly”, says Jeevansathi’s Singh.

The institution of marriage has transformed in a very big way throughout the years. From arranged marriages and love marriages to the modern-day arranged love marriages, the idea of marriage has emerged that could be termed as segmented marriages.

In our Indian culture, a wedding is a grand ritual that is celebrated with full spirit. It is said that a wedding is a coming together of not two individuals but two families as well who commit to a happy relationship. The online matrimony industry has grown over the recent years due to the need for marriage among many youths in India. Another factor of online matrimonial portals is there are few newspaper classified ads and less traditional matrimonial services.

Usually, in Indian arranged marriages, marriage partners must be from the same caste. Inter-caste marriages were not at all accepted. Truth be told, parents arranged marriages and that was the custom and even the term “love marriage” (or rather self-arranged marriage) was still a taboo. In arranged marriages, family members played a key role in arranging the spouse selection contradicting to love marriages where individuals choose their partners.

These two types of marriage have changed over time. While women were not subjected to their own opinions or even decision-making when it comes to their marriage, now they are consulted and their opinion matters before the ultimate decisions are made.

Online matchmaking and matrimonial websites in India are booming these days because parents nowadays want their children’s approval when it comes to selecting their partner and marriage. That said, even many of the love marriages are now being conducted with the respective parents’ approval thus giving us a love-cum-arranged marriage.

Thus, even though both the terms are distinct, there seems to be a combination and similarity among love and arranged marriages nowadays. This gives a good reason for the rise of matrimony portals in modern India.

Features of online matrimonial websites in India

  1. Free or paid registration
  2. 100% mobile verified profile
  3. Absolute security and privacy control options
  4. Is safe, secure and confidential
  5. Daily matches recommendations available via e-mail and SMS
  6. Helpful customer care support
  7. Wedding related services and products
  8. Photo-protection features
  9. Categorized browsing options for specific matrimonial profiles
  10. Clear screening system to prevent abuses
  11. Privacy protection options
  12. Category-based selection available
  13. Region-wise portals

Online matrimony sites in India are instant and convenient. An amazing tool to discover your potential soul mate, it is encouraging an increasing number of successful marriages. The wide range of Indian matrimonial sites also supports the major social change that is happening. There are millions of people worldwide who are sharing conversations, exchanging photos, putting forth their opinions and perspectives giving them the liberty to choose their potential mate not to mention convincing their parents that they have found the person whom they want to marry.

Studies say that there are more than 100 online matrimonial websites in India with 38.5 million internet users and 60% are below the age of 25. Of them, 48% are registered with matrimonial sites, 51% with dating and friendship sites and 37% of internet users are in both these activities.

Online Marriage websites in India

Process of Online marriage sites

Matrimonial registration

Registering your profile in marriage websites is very easy. They are easy to navigate and matrimonial registration in websites is straightforward and can be used by people with semi-computer knowledge. You need to provide information including personal information that includes educational background, preferences, contact information (email and phone number), username and password for security. All the data are confidential and cannot be viewed by third party users.
Bride or grooms search

There are search options on websites based on your preferences. Apart from education, occupation and location search, you can filter the search as per your specific preferences. In today’s era, matrimonial websites have changed the conventional method of choosing a life partner.
Checking mutual compatibility

A crucial factor in our lives is choosing the right partner that matches your vibe. No one is perfect. Everyone carries their own positives and negatives. Mutual trust is very much important while choosing your life partner. This becomes a key factor before committing to marriage. If you have not found your special someone on an online site, then don’t fret. You are not alone. Research has it that among two-thirds of online daters, 66% say that they have gone for a date with someone they met through a dating app or site. Bear in mind that matrimonial compatibility is important especially in factors such as education, occupation, finance, religion, caste, etc.
Communicating to a prospect and Final Decision

Marriage is one of the life-altering moments in our lives. We all want a peaceful, supportive and love-filled relationship/marriage. The decision of choosing a life partner is a crucial choice. Someone may be confused while choosing the partner but you have to keep up the faith on destiny and stay positive. Make sure to put the best foot forward and make matchmaking search successful.
Specification of a complete profile
  • Religion
  • Mother tongue
  • Caste/Sect and sub-caste
  • Food: If you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian and occasionally non-vegetarian
  • Habits: Smoker, non-smoker, occasional drinking, teetotaler, etc.
  • Personal values: traditional, moderate, or liberal
  • Complexion: very fair, fair, whitish, dark, height and build
  • Employment: self-employed, business
  • Horoscope details: date, time, and place of birth

Online matrimonial websites in India offers numerous choices and options to choose their soul mate. With our country becoming more liberal and open-minded about marriage, online matrimony will continue to thrive in India in the years to come. Apart from matchmaking, many matrimonial services offer personal advice on how to deal and make relationships work. Finding a love match in millions of matches online can be overwhelming but with patience and faith, you will find the right partner for you.

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