Manglik Dosha Remedies - Effects on Marriage and Career

Manglik Dosha Remedies - Effects on Marriage and Career

Our fixation for the Planet Mars started centuries ago. Be it Mangalyaan or Manglik Dosha, Mars has prominent importance among Indians. Let’s take a look what Manglik Dosha is and how you can get rid of the effect of Manglik Dosha. Here are few Manglik Dosha remedies that will help you to enhance your prospects of getting married, career as per Astrology.

Read on to know remedies for Manglik Dosha and how to overcome its phase.

What does Manglik mean?

Mangal i.e. the planet Mars represents force and energy. This energy can be either positive or negative. As per Astrology, the 12 houses are based on the 12 months in a year and the twelve signs. When Mangal is in the 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house, it gives a bad effect (though not always) which is why it is called Mangli. If the Mangal is in one of the four houses in the partner’s horoscope, then it nullifies the bad effect.

Also known as Kuja dosha or Chovva dosham, the effect of Manglik dosha is such that it has given restless nights to many parents whose child has Manglik dosha in the horoscope. In fact, many matrimonial sites have created a special section for those seeking Manglik dosha brides and grooms.

How to remove Manglik Dosha from your Kundli?

Manglik Dosha or planetary effect of Mars can be reduced by following these remedies.One of the common myths about Mangal Dosha is that if you have it in your Kundli, your marriage is bound to be a disaster. However, this is not always the case. Do not get emotional and get carried away by speculations. Find a good astrologer and know how exactly it will impact your married life.

Mangal Dosha is all about removing any misconceptions, practicing astrological guidance and tackling it.

What are the side effects of being Manglik Dosha?

A Manglik person marrying a non-Manglik is considered disastrous that can lead to separation or worse – death of one’s partner. This is the reason many Mangliks marry late as it takes time to find their perfect match. However, the theory of Mangal dosha is shrouded with half-truths and blind beliefs.

People with Manglik characteristics

Mangliks are perceived as a polite, valiant, strong, focused, sharp, disciplined people who have a fiery temperament. They emanate strong and powerful vibrations. Hence, only people with Manglik are able to handle the strong nature of the partner.

Are there any Manglik Dosha Remedies?

Yes. As per astrology, here are the common Manglik Dosha remedies. Bear in mind that these are the widely followed rituals. Suitable remedy can be advised only after proper consultation with astrologer.
  • Wearing Red Coral ring made of Gold or Copper.
  • Install duly activated Mangal Yantra and sincerely performing regular prayer.
  • You should also chant Mangal Mantras (also Navagraha Mantras) or Hanuman Chalisa on every Tuesday. On other days, the Manglik person may opt for chanting the Gayatri Mantra or Ganesh Mantra at least 108 times.
  • Observe fasting on Tuesdays. You can have only Tur Dal (split pigeon dal), Fruit Juice or Milk at night.
  • Visit Navgraha temples or Hanuman temples on Tuesdays.
  • Make special Pooja such as “Mangal Kavacham” or “Mangal Upasana”.
  • Offer sweets or Jaggery and Red flowers to Lord Ganesha every day.
  • Feed birds and small animals with grains and sweets.
  • Donate red clothes, sweets or jaggery on Tuesdays.

Other Manglik remedies include:
  • Eating and drinking in silver utensils
  • Offering Sindoor (vermilion) to Lord Hanuman as he is considered the ruler of Mars.
  • Reading holy texts such as Angark Stotram and Bhoom Mangal stotram.
  • Worshipping Kesariya Ganapati (orange statue of Lord Ganesha)
  • Worshipping banyan tree with milk is also considered a remedy for appeasing Manglik Dosha.

What is the most powerful mantra to prevent Mars’s malefic effects?

"Om Gan Ganpate Namah". It is an incredibly powerful mantra. (As described by Bejan Daruwala).

Is there any guarantee to escape the bad effects of Mangal Dosha?

It all comes down to your attitude and willingness to take charge of your life. You cannot always blame the planets.

Myths and Facts about Manglik

Follow these spiritual remedies to fight Manglik Dosha in your horoscope.Myth: It is a curse to be a Manglik

Fact: It is often believed that because of the dominance of Mars in the horoscope the person become strong, fiery, confident and independent. But these are not bad qualities. Rather the fact is that only certain people who are strong enough can deal with such independent thinkers.

Myth: Manglik dosha can lead to second marriage.

Fact: This is not at all true. Manglik dosha solution is available. The longevity and success of a marriage depends on the two people and their compatibility with each other. It is frivolous to hold the effect of Manglik dosha accountable for second marriage of the native.

Myth: Manglik should marry after 28 years of age.

Fact: It is said and followed that a Manglik person should marry only after 28 years as the horrific effects of Mangal have reduced by that time.

Myth: Purna Manglik and Anshik Manglik

Fact: Another misconception is that there are people who are full Mangliks and Anshik Mangliks. Do not take such concept seriously.


To sum it up, Manglik Dosha remedies can assist you in taking better decisions about marriage as it gives you a clear outlook about the Dosha in your Kundali and how to overcome it. It also reveals how compatible you will be with your prospective partner to ensure a smooth and harmonious married life.

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