4 mistakes to avoid in an Ezhava wedding


4 mistakes to avoid in an Ezhava wedding

In this article, we will talk about 4 mistakes to avoid in an Ezhava wedding.

A wedding binds not only two people but also two families. Ezhava is a caste of the Hindu community in Kerala and is quite conventional as far as traditional Kerala matrimony ceremonies are concerned. A systematic approach and key attention to details are given when it comes to respecting elders of both the bride and the groom.

Though times have changed, people in Ezhava community still follow the age-old traditions and ensure that they are followed correctly despite the modernization. That said, here are top 4 mistakes you should avoid in an Ezhava wedding.

Not conducting an Engagement or Nishchayam

The engagement or Nishchayam solemnizes the start of the beautiful relationship and the commitment from both the families to go ahead with the wedding. This is a mandatory ritual that takes place in Ezhava matrimony.

Nishchayam marks the beginning of the wedding. Additionally, elderly members of both the bride and groom’s family exchange gifts with each other. This function needs to be conducted properly as per the tradition and correct guidance from the elders and priests.

Not giving presents for the groom and bride

Ezhava weddings involve buying gifts by both the sides for one another. This is part of the Nischayam ceremony and must not be ignored. As the to-be-bride and to-be-groom exchange engagement rings, it symbolizes that they have committed to stay with each other through highs and lows of life. Take absolute care when you are buying gifts and the ceremony should be considered in the presence of the priest. Though it seems like a simple task, ensure you pay close attention to every single detail as last-minute rush can lead to many complications.

Conducting pooja before the ceremony

Being ardent devotees of God, they follow all the rituals correctly. Hence, performing pooja before the weddings is very important. Fresh flowers, betel leaves, coconut, etc. are offered to Lord Ganesha who is the remover of obstacles. This ritual is conducted to clear any barriers in the marriage and for the bride and groom to have a happy married life.

Being a good host

While the celebration of Ezhava wedding is grandeur, all the relatives partake in this occasion. Therefore, the bride’s and the groom’s family should ensure that the relatives, friends and family are comfortable as they arrive to bless the couple.

Avoiding these mistakes can make an Ezhava wedding more accomplished and delightful making it a memorable experience.

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