15 Funny Indian wedding vows or one-liners

15 Funny Indian wedding vows or one-liners

Check out 15 Funny Indian wedding vows or one-liners that are sure to enhance the love, double the joy and sure to make the guests feel happy and amusing.

While a wedding is a happy phase in one’s life, the preparations, arrangements and pre-wedding jitters can leave one stressed out. As “the” moment arrives, make the ambience a light-hearted feel with your better half by sharing these quirky marriage vows that are sure to give your wedding some hilarious moments.

Here are a few examples of unique wedding vows you can include in your marriage.

Funny wedding vows for the groom

  1. I won’t complain if you make me watch “P.S. I love you” for the 19th time.
  2. I will not look at other women in your presence. We will look at them together.
  3. I will always lift the toilet seat up.
  4. I will never make fun of your multi-dimensional rotis.
  5. Now that we have gotten skinny for our wedding, let’s get real fat together.
  6. I will pretend to be patient when you are trying to get that winged eyeliner for 2 hours.
  7. I promise to unclog the tub even though only one of us has long hair.
  8. I promise to trust you even if we deviate from our grocery lists, GPS navigation or life goals.
  9. I promise to pay all my debts to you – a Lannister always does.
  10. I will kiss you really hard even when you are old and wrinkly.
  11. Let’s grow old disgracefully together.
Here are some funny wedding vows for your Indian marriage that you can include amongst other vows.

Funny wedding vows for the bride

  1. I will try to make round chapatis for you.
  2. I will not snap at you even when you bring the dirty shoes inside for the 19th time.
  3. I will let you have the last slice of Pizza or maybe half of it.
  4. I will believe you when you say nice things about me and will not try to kill you with my sarcasm.
  5. I will try to understand the difference between a free-kick and a penalty for you.
  6. I promise to cuss loudly at video games.
  7. I promise to get up and get the remote from across the room even though I am not the one who placed it there.
  8. I vow to be there when you start Netflix marathons and finish actual marathons.
  9. I will bear your stupid mistakes and careless macho attempts because I know you are still a baby.
  10. You will always be my Tall, Dark and Handsome. Maybe not that tall and not that handsome but definitely mine.

So, how about including these one-liners and adding a twist to the traditional vows at your wedding? Would you like to add something else? We will love to hear them too. Leave your comments in the section below.

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