Best and Worst traits of Zodiac signs

Best and Worst traits of Zodiac signs

Marriage is one of the amazing journeys that two people enter in a lifetime. While all marriages hope for a happily-ever-after story, at times, the stars don’t aligned as destiny has stored something else. While there is no definitive way of saying whether a relationship will last or not, astrology provides us with pretty good tipoffs about the Best and Worst traits of Zodiac signs. Here are few things that people born in specific zodiac signs should take care of for a healthy relationship.


The love of an Aries can last a lifetime, as long as their partner can deal with their curiosity, enthusiastic and cherishing personality. Boundless energy keeps this sign on toes making it unstable at times. They have a penchant to try new things and thus are known to make some bad choices. Figure out a way to admire their energy while simultaneously assisting them to make wise decisions.


Hands down the most trustworthy sign, if you are getting married to a Taurean, you are destined for a long, happy and fulfilling life. When matched with the right zodiac, Taureans will be loving and caring, favoring personal relations that are built on trust and sensual desires. However, this sign is not suitable for everyone as they can become very complicated and stubborn.


The Gemini twins carry two different sides. While there is a risk of indecisive behavior and sporadic sessions of moodiness, the dominant qualities are impeccable making it vital for a healthy and loving relationship. Calm and considerate, Gemini cares deeply about their family, friends, and loved ones. Ruled by Mercury, the God of communication indicates their willingness to communicate, which is a crucial factor to maintain a strong marriage.


Compassionate and devoted, Cancer signs are practically designed for marriage. They care very much about their home and their family, making them committed to put effort in any relationship. Yet, the only thing that keeps Cancer from becoming the best suited for marriage is their tendency to be very temperamental and manipulative. This is because they care so much that they lose sight of what actually needs to be done to fix a relationship.


Undoubtedly known for their stubborn and determined behavior, what makes a Leo a stronger partner are their two specific traits - faithfulness and kindness. Truly a benevolent sign, they will do anything for their partner and thrive on showing their loved ones how much they care. They are loyal to a fault as they have a penchant to take things really personally when people exploit their trust, Leos are in it for the long haul.


Virgos are beautiful, determined individuals. They bring out the best in their partner by encouraging them to achieve their goals and thinking about the future. That said, they tend to get frustrated when things don't go as they had planned. For a happy marriage with Virgo, concede their ideas and do what you can to help as it will mean a lot to them. In return, Virgo will be a faithful partner to you.


Unbiased and sensibility are not just the traits, but a way of life for Libra. Every member of the Libra's family has the right to be treated with affection and regard and they will ensure that happens. Be that as it may, it's this same determination for being fair that makes them hesitant to get into a showdown. This behavior lets the arguments seethe underneath for too long.

Check out the best and worst signs of Zodiac that has a vital role to play in marriage.


Scorpios are exceptionally loving and passionate people who enjoy making others feel appreciated, as long as they receive it back. As a matter of fact, Scorpios can be the best love a person has ever had, however, they are known for their jealousy. Scorpio’s sting can be vicious which arises that they expect a lot from their spouse. If you are honest and loving, then you will never find a loyal and ideal partner than a Scorpio.


Born explorers, this is a fire sign with an amazing spirit for life. This can make marriage with a Sagittarius a sensational and exciting relationship, or it can go the other way. They also lack patience and diplomacy, which means a spouse of a Sagittarius needs to have a thick skin and figure out a way to appreciate the impulsive moments.


Capricorns possess a ton of amazing qualities that help in a relationship, however, even though they are being intelligent and straightforward, they are additionally known for thinking about themselves than others. This sign has immense confidence for a considerable length of time and a low tolerance level for anybody who cannot see things their way. The best thing for a Capricorn to have a lasting relationship is to try and understand their partner’s perspective and where they are coming from. If they don't, things might become devastating.


Independent and changeable are two traits of the Aquarius spouse, neither of which make for a solid marriage. While this quality works for a great friend or a child, as a partner it can be a little strenuous. Marriage is the coming together of two people, and good cooperation is a key for a strong and healthy marriage.


Just like their fish counterpart, Pisces signs know how to react to the flow of life. Together with this flexibility, combined with their honesty, kindness, and dreamy inclinations, make Pisceans a great marriage material. Pisces are amazing partners as once committed, connected themselves for life. The greatest risk of divorce for this sign is its tendency to be compassionate that everyone takes advantage of.

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